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Types of Dentistry

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Traditional Dentistry

This is the most common form of dentistry. In general, a traditional dentist does not believe that dental materials and procedures can cause any significant health risks. Instead, they appear to believe that all dental materials are “safe” and will continue to use any material that is on the market without asking the question “is this material possibly toxic?” The reality is that all dental materials are foreign substances to the body. Thus any foreign substance could illicit an immune system response or reaction. We feel that it is best to have a Biocompatibility test done to inform both you and your dentist about possible responses that might be detrimental to your immune system.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Dentists that coin themselves as mercury-free are only stating that they do not use mercury amalgam fillings in their office. This in our opinion is a step forward but not good enough. These dentists are only removing one known toxin from their practice. What about all of the other materials that are available? Mercury is not the only dangerous chemical that can be found in dental materials. The Biocompatibility test helps to inform both you and your dentist about possible toxic responses to new dental materials that might be detrimental to your immune system.

Natural, Holistic and Biological Dentistry

These are dentists who provide a form of non-toxic dentistry to their clients, although they do not necessarily follow a specific set of non-toxic protocols, nor do they necessarily have any specific training in non-toxic dentistry. These dentists often try to eliminate the use of harmful procedures and/or harmful materials and chemicals within their dental practice. Unfortunately they often generalize the dangers of dental materials and eliminate an entire category of products. This can be problematic because they have also in the process eliminated a number of possible restorations available to their clients. This is another reason why it is best to have a Biocompatibility test done to inform both you and your dentist about possible responses that might be detrimental to your immune system.

Huggins Dentists, Huggins Alliance and some other non-toxic dentists

These dentists have been formally trained by one of the pioneers of non-toxic dentistry: doctor Hal Huggins DDS, MS. Doctor Huggins started developing forms of non-toxic dentistry in the 70’s. Through his own experience and insight he has created the Huggins Protocol. With over 30 years of wisdom and experience passed to these dentists regarding the non-toxic techniques of the Huggins Protocol you have a tremendous opportunity to optimize your subsequent healthcare. Therefore our office feels that it’s best to see a dentist with the Huggins Protocol training and have a Biocompatibility test done before starting any type of dental restoration.

Whatever form of dentistry you decide to go with we recommend having a Biocompatibility test completed before any restoration work is started. Remember that there is no specific training needed in order to use the biocompatibility testing. You just need dentists with open minds and strong desires to give their clients the best health care they can.